We want to make it as easy as possible to shop with Busy Body Kids! That’s why we have listed the questions we get asked most often and their answers here for easy reference.  If you don’t see your question listed, contact us for a prompt and friendly response.  We are always pleased to be able to provide information and ideas on how our products can work for your situation – just ask!

I don’t have a business, can I order from Busy Body Kids?

Yes!  Busy Body Kids isn’t just for business customers, the general public is welcome to shop with us at our wholesale rates, provided their order meets our standard $50 minimum (incl GST, ex shipping) and is paid in full at the time of ordering.  Payments can be made via either PayPal payment gateway or Eway payment gateway both of which offer secure credit card processing or through direct deposit to our bank account.

Bank Details:  Kid Works Pty Ltd t/a Busy Body Kids  BSB 302 965   Account:  0232019

We have fun activities, giveaways, event supplies and crafts perfect for anyone who is entertaining kids – for birthday parties, family reunions, mother’s groups, school holidays craft events, or just to make an ordinary day special!

Our products are generally sold in bulk pack quantities of 12 or more (see individual items for specific quantities), and so the majority of our customers are businesses, schools, shopping centres, tourist destinations, local governments and community-based groups who cater for groups.  We count kids activity coordinators, shopping centres, marketing and promotions professionals, P & Cs, schools and child care services, Councils, and religious and community groups among our regular customers.

We are registered suppliers of NSW Department of Education (Supplier number 100390671 – Kid Works Pty Ltd trading as Busy Body Kids)

Why do you have a minimum order amount of $50 (incl GST, ex shipping)?

Our craft and giveaway products are sold in bulk to allow us to keep our prices lower.  As a result, we have set a minimum purchase amount (incl GST, ex shipping) to encourage customers to consolidate orders and save on freight costs while also enjoying the lower rates we are able to offer as bulk suppliers. If you are concerned that your order falls short of the minimum, contact us for options.

What is your ABN?

The ABN for Kid Works Pty Ltd trading as Busy Body Kids is 61 617 873 300.

I don’t have an ABN, but I am part of a P&C, church, family day care, or other community-based group. Can I order from you?

Yes, definitely!  We are happy to assist organisers of community activities and events to purchase products from Busy Body Kids.  We have many P&C members, youth group leaders, family day care providers, school teachers, Boy Scout and Girl Guide groups who find our items perfect for their needs. Please note that orders from all customers, including community-based groups, must meet our $50 order minimum (incl GST, ex shipping) in order to be processed.

I have a business, can I set up an Invoice Account with Busy Body Kids?

We are able to offer our business customers the convenience and ease of a Busy Body Kids Invoice Account. We ask that first orders are pre-paid, after which, businesses can request that subsequent orders are invoiced when goods are dispatched from our warehouse.  For approved customers, an invoice option will automatically appear on the payment section of the checkout page of our website.  Terms for Invoice Accounts are strictly 14 days from the invoice date.  Please note that Busy Body Kids will periodically review accounts and retains the right to suspend or revoke invoice accounts if terms are not met. Contact us for more information, or to request an account.

Are your products packaged for retail sale (ie reselling in a retail shop)?

The majority of our items are packaged to be purchased from us by the end user, for example, bought from us by a teacher for use in a classroom, or by an event planner to entertain kids at a fete or festival.  As a result, the external package is barcoded and labeled, but the pack contents may not be.  Some of our gift and giveaway items are either individually barcoded or are packaged in sets with retail hang tags.  Please contact us for more specific information as needed.

Do you have more products that are not shown on your site?

We have access to literally thousands of products from suppliers across the globe. No matter what child-related event theme you are considering, chances are we can make it even better with our engaging and fuss-free craft activities and giveaways.  We are happy to take on the challenge of sourcing special products just for you.  We are also able to source logo-imprinted kid-friendly items to make an extra impression, just ask us!

Do you provide event staff to run craft activities?

No, we are busy choosing products that suit a range of craft events and activations designed to increase consumer engagement and dwell time.  We do work with many great event companies across Australia and are happy to put you in touch with someone in your area to supply staff.  To find out more about these services please contact us.

If your budget is limited, we strongly believe that our craft products make it possible for you to run your own budget friendly event.  Here’s how….

•     purchase Busy Body Kids craft activities to suit your theme and budget

•     contract a local agency to provide cheerful and reliable activity or promotional staff on an hourly basis (We can help you to make sure your chosen staff have all the information they need to work with our products in the most effective way possible)

•     use your own tables and chairs (or hire them if needed)

•     create your own signage using our high resolution product images (ask us for more information on getting print-ready images)

In the end, you’ll have a great event and save significant money on your budget.

I received the majority of my order, but some items are on backorder, when can I expect them?

Occasionally an item from our range sells out quickly, or is on backorder with our supplier.  While we try to limit this happening by keeping a tight rein on our inventory, it does happen.  In the event an item you’ve ordered is not able to be supplied immediately, we will dispatch the available items to you, then follow up with the remainder of your order once we have received stock in our warehouse, at no extra cost to you.  Often the additional items are available to send within a few days of the first shipment.  If an item is completely sold out and cannot be re-stocked, we’ll contact you with alternate options, or issue store credit or a refund, based on  your preference.

I am an event planner proposing to run an event for a client using some of your products, how can I be sure they will still be in stock when my proposal is successful?

Our products are very popular with event planners who know how successful they can make any event, big or small!  If you’re pitching an event idea to a client and want to be sure one of our products will be available when the event date rolls around, feel free to contact us first, so we can give you the latest information about our stock levels and any changes we anticipate.  We may also be able to give you a heads up on any new stock coming in that could suit your theme.  Rest assured, we will treat your enquiry with discretion and won’t divulge any information about your plans.

Help! I need some ideas for an event, but don’t know where to start.

Let us help you!  We love to provide answers, solve problems and take up challenges!  Contact us or ring 1300 72 96 79 and let us know what you are needing.  We can take even the smallest grain of an idea and come up with options to suit your event, theme and budget.  With everything, the more time you can give us, the better the result – so contact us early in the planning stages, if possible, to get the most out of our global sourcing abilities.

Are your products safe for all ages?

Product safety is a very important part of the Busy Body Kids business.  We supply only products that have been safety tested and approved by the highest international product safety standards.  These product safety regulations always meet, and often exceed, current Australian standards.  Unless noted otherwise, our products are recommended for children aged 3 and up, with packaging noting this recommendation, along with other required consumer safety alerts such as choking hazards and small magnetised parts, where applicable.  Some products we supply will be packaged with labels and tags that appear suited for retail sale.  This additional packaging may seem unnecessary, but as on-sellers, we are required by consumer safety law to maintain this original packaging in order to  adequately communicate product safety messages. We understand that our customers often use our products in an event or giveaway setting, or other situation where they are not being on-sold, and where original packaging is not included.  In this case,  we recommend that event advertising and on-site signage make reference to any minimum age or safety message that may be applicable.  This can be a simple statement such as ‘ This activity is recommended for ages three and up due to small parts.  Parental supervision is required.’  Please contact us if you need more information on this topic.

I am interested in a particular product, but I need to know if it is right for my event. Can I get a product sample?

Yes!  We think that the best way to understand the quality and uniqueness of our products is by testing them for yourself.  If you are not certain that a product is right for you, or are trying to decide between a few options, contact us.  Not only can we provide further product information, but we are happy to send samples if we have them available.  There is no cost to you for samples, we simply ask for your feedback on the products when you receive them.  The more we hear from our customers, the better we get at providing exactly what is needed!

Do you have high-resolution images of the products I order, for the purpose of advertising my event?

We are generally able to make high-resolution images of our products available for customer use in promotional and advertising materials, however we cannot guarantee that all products will have images available.  For image enquiries, please contact us.  Please allow 5 working days to receive images.

I have an event coming up soon, can I rush my delivery?

With all Busy Body Kids orders, we recommend allowing a maximum of three weeks for delivery, due to varying stock levels.  However, if you are in a hurry and need products for an event by a particular date that is quickly approaching, contact us for options.  We can advise current delivery times for the items you are interested in, and can potentially expedite the shipping of your order, if needed.  We are happy to work with you to reach your deadline if at all possible!

Do you have a privacy policy?

Busy Body Kids is committed to providing quality services to you, to achieve this we collect some information about you that helps us provide these services.  This information is collected primarily through our website as well as via email, telephone calls, your website and other publicly available sources.  You can find out what information we hold on you, update or remove your information from our records and unsubscribe from our marketing lists at any time by contacting our office on 1300 72 96 79, (you may be required to provide identification prior to releasing this information to you).

The information we collect is for the use of Busy Body Kids and will only be released to a third party with your permission or when required or authorised by law.

This policy may change from time to time and will be available on our website.

If you have any questions regarding your information or our privacy policy please call our friendly team on 1300 72 96 79