Circuit Scribe – Ultra Kit

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Everything you need to create dynamic and fun paper circuits.  This kit includes everything from the Maker Kit plus extra LEDs, two DPDT switches and a motor.

With the Ultra Kit you can make completx, robust circuits while still using the accessible Circuit Scribe technology.  The included full size pen will write for around 120 meters.

  • 9v Battery adapter with 9v battery
  • 4 x Bi-LED
  • SPST Switch, NPN Transistor
  • 2-Pin Adapter with 5 x resistor (100, 1k, 10k, 100k and iM ohm, 2x capacitors (0.1uF, 1.0uF) and one photoresistor (10k ohms)
  • Potentiometer-10k ohms
  • Blinker & Buzzer
  • RGB LED & Light Sensor
  • Motor
  • 10x Connectors
  • 2 x DPDT Switch

Additional items:

  • Conductive Ink Pen
  • Circuit Stencil
  • Jumper Sticker Sheet
  • Workbook, Steel sheet
  • Recommended Age 8

Recommended for children 3+ years. May contain small parts.

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